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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sadistic Couple's Quarrel

by ~DmitriSalazar

Darling, may I ask you something?
Sure, What do you require?
Some rope, a lighter, gasoline,
For I intend to set you on fire.

Oh Really? Why would you ever do that?
You seemed so happy at our wedding,
It’s only because I thought of a fact
That ‘twas you I’d be beheading!

Why this is a shock! To me, my dear,
Exciting!? Why this flash of news?
I have something more for you to hear,
I intend to kill you too!

Honey, I am quite impressed,
At the irony of our dark affection,
Since we now have both confessed
Would you like to guess what’s in that confection?

My, oh my! You’ve poisoned me,
It’s like a work of fiction!
But dear, don’t triumph so hastily,
For those pills weren’t your prescription.

Well! Remember when the doctor called
He said your brain was dying,
You said I was fine! Now I am appalled,
Well back then I was just lying.

How long has this been going on?
Well, three months exactly, it seems.
Well your insulin has left you conned,
For those needles were never clean!

So I’ll be dead,
My organs will fade,
This is the end,
And I’ll have AIDS!

Tonight, my sweet, we both shall die,
The hunters and the hunted.
We’ll choke, we’ll dance, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry,
But is this really what we wanted?

My dear you have a zest for life,
A passion that keeps you free,
You too, love, you have the strife,
That keeps me off my feet.

So while we’ve hated all this time,
We could have felt the other,
Honey, please, don’t shut your eyes,
Don’t leave me like my mother!

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