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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ichibu to Zenbu

Lately mmg x de masa nak berblog walking/ mengupdate blog
sebab  tgh kalut siapkan baju kazen yg nak kawen 9 hb ni..
huhuhu tatot..

dlm bz2 tu sempat jugakla layan lagu 
B'z : Ichibu to Zenbu
Mantop! suke!
Lagu ni lagu OST citer Buzzer Beat.. 
Cerita korea psl pemain bola keranjang love love dgn pemain violin
[gmbar amek kat google]

Anyway citer ni pon boleh thn.. 
tp lagu ni mmg rock ok!

You say “You only know a little part of me”
And laugh smugly, but that’s not so bad
That deep voice that I feel like I heard before I was born
That’s enough to be the side dish of my life

It’s absolutely impossible to know everything
So why do we want
To control everything anyway
And seek perfection
When all we need is one thing that we can love forever?

 Even if it’s only a little part of you
 I’m more certain than anything that I love those things
 Like the way you arch your eyebrows a little when you’re stressed
 And the softness of your body when you relax in my arms

 If you think you’ve grasped everything
 You’ll surely just get hurt again
 What we really need is a decisive,
 Overwhelming touch
All we need is one thing that we can love forever
  The things only you know, the things only I can see
Those are all real
 We don’t realize
 That everything is part of something
 If you’ve found a reason to love somebody
 Don’t lose it
When all we need is one thing that we can love forever
That’s all we need


  1. awk buat baju pengantin. pndai ke?boleh lah tempah kat awk . hehehe

    1. sy cuma buat beads je mishter izwan.. xdelah pandai pon, cuma tolong2 kwn dan sedara je.. :)

  2. lagu pelik lame2 dengar layanZ jugak..hihi